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2015’s Top Termite Cities in California – Where Do You Live?

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#1. Los Angeles #2. San Francisco #3. San Diego and #4. Sacramento

According to a recent study, the average damage caused by termite infestations is $8,184 per incident– and

Termites at a small hole in the timber. Larger-than-life reproduction ratio. Termites are insects in the order Isoptera.

the damage is most often not covered by homeowners insurance. Termite damage can be devastating because termites literally eat wood to build their colonies. You may not even know you have them until there is significant structural damage because they eat the wood from the inside out.  They continuously eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They never sleep and they never take a vacation!

Termites are actually beneficial in nature, aiding in the decomposition of dead and decaying wood and the return of nutrients to the soil. This being said, they can’t tell the difference between the wood in your home from a tree in the forest.  So your home is an easy target and provides a great place for them to live with an endless supply of food.

If you live in an area where termite infestations are common, it’s important to inspect your home (or have it inspected by a professional) regularly for possible termite infestations. Catching termites early can save you costly home repairs.

Termite damage is commonly identified in door frames, garages, and attics.  Just about anything wooden, big or small, can be susceptible – even furniture. Because termites work beneath the surface of wood, it can take up to five-to-seven years (or less depending on the species of termite) before a termite colony produces any real detectable damage.

Warning signs that you may have a mature termite colony and infestation include:

  1. A swarm of termitescoming from your house (or other Swarming Termites in Eavesstructure), or termites flying around inside
  2. Piles of sawdust-like pellets or Mud tubestranslucent wingsabandoned near window sills doorframes or baseboards.
  3. Surface blisters on wood. Blisters are often caused by tunnels, or ‘galleys,’ dug by termites.
  4. Mud tubes. Pencil width mud tunnels climbing upward from soil areas around the structure up into its wooden portions.

So………… If you think you have termites or just want to make sure you don’t?  Call for a termite inspection.  Professionals are ready to either ease your mind or provide expert recommendations for your specific termite problems.

Want more information on termites?  Check out the links below.

For termite identification: https://corkyspest.com/termite-id.html

For a termite inspection: https://corkyspest.com/termite-protection-plan.html

For termite solutions: https://corkyspest.com/termite-control.html


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